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Sell Your Note(s) To KD Currency Inc

Whether you want to sell one note or an entire estate collection, the bottom line is this; We need to see each note (front and back). We can talk until we're both blue in the face but a picture is worth a thousand words. Listed below are several methods to accomplish this. Keep in mind that the better the image, the more accurate our appraisal can be. Once you've submitted the images we will get back to you right away (no more than one business day).

BEST OPTION: 1. Scan each note individually (front and back) with a DARK background (black is best). You can use black construction paper, an iPad cover, a check book, purse, T-shirt, etc. 2. Focus the scanned image to an area just larger than the margins of the note itself. In other words, it's best NOT to save the 8 1/2 x 11 image, use your mouse to shrink the image before you save it. 3. Save each file as a picture (JPEG is preferred but png and gif are okay too), and email them to us at Please try to save the file as a PICTURE (jpeg, tiff, gif) and NOT a PDF—PDF's strip all the valuable information from the image (that detailed information is what helps us assess your notes). Yes, we understand that some computers (users ha ha ha) are limited to how they can save files. If PDF is all you can do, then it's better than nothing! Or you can ship them to our PO Box via USPS Express. If you need packaging material for your notes, we're happy to mail it to your home or office at our expense. This method requires the most work (we know this) but it provides us with the best images. We also understand that not everyone has access to a scanner. FYI 300 PPI is plenty of pixels per inch for the scans. You're welcome to lower the ppi if need be. We set our scanner to 300ppi.

NEXT BEST OPTION: 2. Digital Picture. Have a cell phone with a camera? Relatively new cell phones (an iPhone 4s or newer) have great digital cameras! Snap a picture (front and back) and text or email them to us. Yes, we can receive text messages @ 831-475-6688. If you text (or email) please include your name and best way to contact you. GET RESOURCEFUL! Just because YOU don't have an iPhone, doesn't mean you can't use someone else's. Use your kid's or grandkid's! You get the idea.

OPTION #3: Color Photo Copy. Make a color photo copy (front and back) and mail the copies to our PO Box. The irony here is that most people that have access to a color copier typically have access to a scanner or an iPhone. But you can always go to Kinkos and make a color copy.

OPTION #4: BLACK and WHITE. Make a black and white photo copy and mail it or Fax it. This method (like PDF files) tends to strip a lot of the valuable information from the image, but again, it's better than nothing.

Any offer we provide you is "pending review" which means upon receipt we'll provide a final analysis. Quite often we're able to find issues with a note that aren't visible in the images provided to us.

So here's how it works. You do your homework (get images), send us images, we discuss a ball park (pending review), we send you an email to "back up our discussion in writing," you ship the notes via USPS Express (please get us a tracking number via call, text, or email), we receive & evaluate the notes and provide you a formal proposal. You agree? we mail a check (standard 1st class mail unless previously discussed) or if you decline our final offer we ship the notes back to you via USPS Express with in one business day at our expense.

We look forward to working with you!


Yes, of course you can consign your notes with KD. Each consignment plan offered is unique to the item(s) and the individual involved. We ship lightening fast to our buyers, so typically we possess the notes on consignment. Depending on how your note(s) sell, the seller gets paid AFTER the expiration of our return policy. Remember, our site has a 7 day return policy. Other avenues, however, have a 14 day return policy irregardless of the price. Here's an example:

Say your note sells on the first of the month. KD ships on the 2nd, buyer receives on the 3rd, (say there's a 2 week return privledge) buyer has until the 17th to ship back... seller gets paid (check mailed) on the 18th (at the earliest). This is just an example and obviously other factors may affect the timeframe involved.

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