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Product: 34X5000K00000120A

Denom SKU Image Friedberg Year Serial Number Grading House Grade Price
$5000 34X5000K00000120A /images/product/2jV8vVxg6kIR8NqP/thb_k00000120a_p_20a_01.jpg 2221-K
PCGS Currency
20 VF


Product Details

  • Light Green Seal
  • 3 digit serial #
  • KD Currency Collection


1934 $5000 DALLAS graded by PCGS Currency(Professional Currency Grading Service) one of the leading 3rd party paper money grading services in the world. PCGS assigned VF 20 Very Fine Apparent and noted Repairs. This RARE note is blessed with the ever popular and always in demand LIME GREEN LIGHT GREEN SEAL! This is a VERY rare note with a low low low 3 Digit serial number. Here's some $5000 trivia for you for all 12 districts:

1928 18,244 printed
1934 51,480 printed
1934A 1,440 printed
1934B 1,212 printed

Of the total 72,376 $5000's printed, only 153 are known to have survived and are in collector's hands. That's .211396042% (one fifth of one percent) that have survived.

K00000120A Product Images - Click on an Image to Enlarge

/images/product/2jV8vVxg6kIR8NqP/0/front/md_k00000120a_p_20a_01.jpg /images/product/2jV8vVxg6kIR8NqP/0/back/md_k00000120a_p_20a_02.jpg

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