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Product: 28X1000A00008577A

Denom SKU Image Friedberg Year Serial Number Grading House Grade Price
$1000 28X1000A00008577A /images/product/1lUWfcAPgSYfaHS0/thb_28_a8577_p_20_01.jpg 2210-A
PCGS Currency
20 VF Boston *Prob Free*


Product Details

  • Mule
  • Redeemable in Gold on Demand
  • Problem Free
  • PayPal Accepted!
  • $100 Discount if paid by Check/PMO


1928 $1000 BOSTON Graded by PCGS Currency one of the leading paper money grading companies in the world. PCGS conservatively assigned a PROBLEM FREE VF 20. This is really a problem free note (no rips, no tears, no writing, no ink, no pin holes etc...). The note shows even circulation w/ minor soiling in the usual spots. 1928 Boston is the toughest district to get in the 28's. They are known as "set completers" for those collecting one from each district. Population reports show the following: PMG 13 exist, PCGS 11 exist (just graded this note). This is a BARGAIN NOTE! The 2 tied for top population (50 AU) are priced at $33,000. This is a steal @ $7,000!

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/images/product/1lUWfcAPgSYfaHS0/0/front/md_28_a8577_p_20_01.jpg /images/product/1lUWfcAPgSYfaHS0/0/back/md_28_a8577_p_20_02.jpg

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