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Product: 1907X1000D165360

Denom SKU Image Friedberg Year Serial Number Grading House Grade Price
$1000 1907X1000D165360 /images/product/tlHSUNyKT7u1WjzP/thb_1219e_1907_d165360_p_30_01.jpg 1219-e
PCGS Currency
30 VF


Product Details

  • Gold Certificate
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1907 $1000 Large Size Gold Certificate graded by PCGS VF 30 Very Fine. PCGS Currency is one of the leading 3rd party grading companies in the world. This is perhaps one of the most important numismatic notes available for sale today. This 1907 $1,000 Gold Certificate offers an opportunity that rarely becomes available to the numismatic public. Not only is this a rare note but the top pop is a 64 flat (there are two between the 2 services). According to the census, there are only 24 examples total known with 5 of those notes permanently impounded in Federal Reserve Bank museums. Pop reports show the following: PCGS = 10, PMG = 14. Finding a finer example is essentially impossible since most examples were redeemed following Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Gold Confiscation Act of 1933. One can only imagine the potential a note of this caliber possesses!

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/images/product/tlHSUNyKT7u1WjzP/0/front/md_1219e_1907_d165360_p_30_01.jpg /images/product/tlHSUNyKT7u1WjzP/0/back/md_1219e_1907_d165360_p_30_02.jpg

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