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KD Payment & Shipping

Accepted Payment Options
PayPal Usually ships within 1 business day*
Postal Money Order (aka PMO) Usually ships within 1 business day**
Check / Cashier's Check / Layaway Usually ships within 1-14 business days***
Visa ~ M/C (Using PayPal as a Guest) Usually ships within 1-3 business days****
Wire or Cash Usually ships within 1 business day*****
Unacceptable Payment
Credit Card Checks Will NOT ship
Western Union Will NOT ship
Money Grams Will NOT ship
Money Orders (Except PMO) Will NOT ship
Checks NSF Will NOT ship

All Payments are to be made Payable to KD Currency Inc & mailed to PO Box 698, Capitola, CA 95010

* PayPal: Is now Fully Integrated We switched all electronic (except wires) transactions to PayPal to keep it simple for everyone. After all, PayPal is "The world's most loved way to pay and get paid."

** Postal Money Orders: can be purchased at any United States Post Office. The maximum value for each PMO is $1000. We often offer a discount for paying by PMO! Orders paid by PMO ship immediately (usually with in 1 business day of receipt of PMO... sometimes same day shipping).

*** Checks / Cashier's Checks / Layaway: Checks received from Big Box Banks may ship faster but we do not guarantee it. We DO reserve the right to delay shipment for up to 14 calendar days to ensure funding. If you need a faster shipment, please use PayPal or Postal Money Order (PMO ship immediately). Layaway is available under certain circumstances. Any discounts mentioned in the individual listings do NOT apply when layaway is used. Each layaway plan offered is unique to the item and the individual involved. Usually there's a NON-REFUNDABLE 20% deposit required and then additional payments. These unique terms would be emailed to you and you would accept them by responding via email. Note: Cashiers Checks will NOT ship any faster! If anything, we ship SLOWER after cashier's checks! (especially from small banks) Here's why: Our numismatic industry is targeted by fraudsters. 1 in 5 checks we get are bad. 90% of the bad ones... they're cashier's checks. Keep it simple! Just send a regular check. We ship no less than 7 days for checks. Period. Saturdays don't count. Heck, even Mondays don't count because Sat - Mon aren't banking days. If we get your check on a Tuesday, the SOONEST we'll ship is the FOLLOWING Wednesday. If we get your check on a Monday, the soonest we'll ship is the following Tuesday. If you need your product faster, use PayPal or send Cash/PMO.

*** Bill Pay: That's right, you can pay directly from your computer! It's safe, convenient, efficient, & effective. Simply log into your bank, set up KD Currency Inc as a payee (like your cell phone, car payment, utility bill, etc...) and send a payment. We typically receive payment with in 5 business days (same as you sending a stamped envelope) & we process immediately (We still reserve the right to hold shipment for up to 10 calendar days to ensure funding)!

***** Credit Card: We do not take credit card information over the phone, text, or email. If you'd like to use your credit card, please use our online shopping cart. We simplified our site and we now use PayPal to process all of our electronic payments. If you have a PayPal account you'll be taken to the "white" PayPal screen and you simply login using your PayPal credentials... it's fast and easy! If you do not have a PayPal account but would like to use your credit card, we will use PayPal as a merchant processor and you check out as a "guest" of PayPal's. We only ship to confirmed PayPal addresses.

Although using PayPal is fast and easy for both you the buyer and us the seller, we reserve the right to require a signed PayPal authorization form as directed by PayPal. This helps minimize fraud.

If you are required to sign a PayPal authorization form you will be emailed a pdf file. You are welcome to scan & email the PDF (if you have the technology), fax, or snail mail. Please let us know if you plan on mailing it so we can look for it in the mail in the near future. We will confirm receipt of your signed PayPal and then you will automatically receive an email from USPS w/ a tracking # when the item(s) ship. Feel free to call, text, or email any questions. Yes, Daren can receive text messages at 831-475-6688. Just an FYI, if you happen to have Apple products such as an iPad, iPod touch, OR an iPhone, you can download a free app that's called "Sign-N-Send Free" OR "Echo Sign" (both are free apps & we use them both) this will allow you to sign & send the file back to us without printing, faxing, scanning, or mailing. PayPal will NOT allow us to take CC information over the phone. We typically ship with in 1-3 days of CLEARED PayPal payments. We are sorry for the hoops that some have to be jumped through. You can thank all of the CC fraudsters... unfortunately the good guys pay the price!

***** Wire or Cash: Obviously we ship right away with cash payment (usually with in 1 business day... if not the same day). Domestic wires will usually ship with in one business day of CLEARED funds. We typically do not ship internationally.

Shipping Information

We ship to the 50 States of the U.S.A. only! Yes, we ship to Hawaii and Alaska. We (typically) do NOT ship to unincorporated places like Puerto Rico. If you have to ask, "Do you ship to....?" Ask yourself, is the location one of the 50 states? My friend Google will tell you what the 50 states are. Shipping, Insurance, and Tracking number are FREE for all items purchased on our website. All shipments must be signed for! No Exceptions! Fast & Free at KD!

All items are packed EXTREMELY well. We often get compliments on our packages and how well they are shipped and protected. For smaller shipments (under 10 notes) we place the note (raw notes come in a protective sleeve) in a 7x9 cardboard sealed envelope, then in a larger 9x11 cardboard sealed envelope, then in a Flat Rate Envelope from the Post Office. Larger packages are packed just as well in a larger box.

Every note comes in its own "holder". Obviously if a note is "graded" by a 3rd party paper money grading service like PCGS Currency, PMG, or even C.G.A. then (go figure) that note comes in the sealed holder from that grading service (The image of the GRADED note will show you the holder it comes in). If you buy a "raw" note then each note will come in its own polypropylene holder. We typically buy BCW Currency Sleeves that are acid free, archival quality product made of crystal clear polypropylene. Use this item to protect and store your collectible currency.

Orders < $2,000: will be shipped via USPS Priority with signature confirmation.

Orders > $2,000: will be shipped via USPS Express with signature required.

UPS is NOT covered by our insurance

We will NOT use your corporate UPS, Fed Ex, Or any other 3rd party carrier account.

Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility Ends With a Signature! If your shipping address is a location where someone else can sign for the order, Our shipping responsibility ends with the signature. For example if you have KD ship to a UPS Store (or something like it), a hotel (or anything like it), a business center, work address, or anywhere that a 3rd party can sign for your order, it is YOUR responsibility to get the item(s).

Return Policy

We have a hassle free 7 day return privilege (buyer pays return shipping). If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason return it hassle free! Items must be shipped back via USPS Express Signature Required with in 7 Calendar days of buyer receiving the item. The USPS Signature time stamp starts the clock.

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