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U.S. High Denomination Federal Reserve Notes

  • Picture 500

    $500 Federal Reserve Note

    William McKinley 25th President

  • Picture 1000

    $1000 Federal Reserve Note

    Stephen Grover Cleveland 22nd and 24th President

  • Picture 5,000

    $5000 Federal Reserve Note

    James Madison, Jr. 4th President

  • Picture of 10,000

    $10000 Federal Reserve Note

    Salmon Portland Chase Secretary of the Treasury

  • Picture of 100,000

    $100,000 Gold Certificate

    Woodrow Wilson 28th President

Federal Reserve Notes

We Specialize in High Denomination: $500, $1000, $5000 & $10000 Federal Reserve Notes of all qualities and price ranges. We Buy and Sell U.S. Paper Money so please make us an offer.

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We typically ship with in 1 business day of cleared payment. We have a hassle free 7 day return privilege (buyer pays return shipping). If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, return it hassle free with in 7 days of receipt (the signature starts the clock, all 7 days of the week count for returns)! We always have a nice selection of $500 & $1000 FRN's and usually have access to a $5000 or $10000. Check High Denom Inventory

Thinking of Selling?

We work very quickly to provide sellers like you the best possible price for both graded and raw High Denomination Federal Reserve Notes. We are prompt, fair, & pay immediately. If you are looking to Sell Your Notes to KD please let us know!


Featured: Fr. 2231-K $10,000 PCGS 25

Dallas 10,000 dollar bill

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